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Qbitz Cyber Security tips and Tricks to help you stay safe online!

1) If there is any question, check the email address before clicking any links or call Qbitz
2) If you get in invoice from someone who normally does not send invoices as attachments, verify the email address and call the sender to verify they sent it
3) Even if it says Jim Smith and you know him, check the email address to ensure it did come from him. Any name can be placed there but the email address can't be faked

Personal Devices:
1) Should always have Antivirus that is paid yearly - if you don't remember paying, then time to upgrade
2) If you loose your cell phone and can no longer find it, call us to have it remote wipe so no data can be stolen
3) If you currently have Windows 7 or older, you are not supported by Microsoft and must update to Windows 10
4) Always run your Windows updates, security is important

Outside Office:
1) Airports are not safe as there are people who sit around attempting to hack you - use hotspot if you can
2) If traveling to another country, check with Qbitz to find out if it is safe before you go

Don't leave Wifi or Bluetooth on if not in use
Lock your PC and phone
Do not leave your device unattended


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