Managed I.T. Services

We know that technology never sleeps, so that is why we are always on call when you need us. With managed services we usually know about an issue before you do. Our monitoring tools watch your servers to make sure they always run at they best and when they don't we step in automatically to get things running smoothly again.


Our solution is simple, no contracts.


We don't have an end date on our contracts so you can stop anytime. We believe that we do our job so well, that you will never look for another provider again. Simple, affordable and no suprise I.T. cost ever again, this is how it should be.



What we include in our plans:

1) Managed Monitoring Agents that will alert us if there is a problem brewing.

2) Offsite backup of your data to prevent data loss.

3) 24/7 Phone support.

4) Support Techs who speak english as a first language.

5) Instant Response to alerts from our Monitoring Agents so we can head off the problem before it impacts your productivity.

6) Antivirus


To learn more call us today at 602-741-6720